If you’ve ever wondered what a typical day looks like for an account manager at ImageBloom, you’re in luck! Read on as we highlight Sierra Nalley in our first of many, A Day in the Life features.

Who is Sierra?

Sierra Nalley is a Marketing Account Manager with ImageBloom. She works out of ImageBloom’s Indianapolis location, overseeing the accounts of several different research sites and organizations across the United States. Her daily tasks include creating marketing materials, communicating with clients and collaborating with our team.

9:00 AM

When she arrives at the office, Sierra starts her day by checking on all of the advertisements she has running. This ensures that she stays on top of any issues that may need rectified and also ensures the success of her campaigns. There are times when issues occur and mistakes are made, which makes daily campaign management critical. ImageBloom believes in personal responsibility and that each employee must “Own It” in situations where a mistake was made.

10:15 AM

Each morning, ImageBloom’s Account Managers huddle up to talk about deliverables, ongoing training and marketing ideas. As part of our Core Value, We’re better together, our team is always looking for ways to be more creative and productive in order to deliver better results to our clients. In today’s huddle, the topic was Pinterest Marketing. The marketing team also discussed blogs and end of month reporting for our clients.

10:30 AM

Twice a month, each Account Manager meets with Haley Wilson, our Director of Marketing. During these touch-bases, Haley provides feedback and works with the team to set both short-term and long-term goals. Self-improvement is an important aspect of the ImageBloom culture, and bi-weekly one-on-ones ensure that each member of the team is thriving.

11:00 AM

Today, the ImageBloom Marketing Team met for their monthly marketing meeting. Rick, Brandy, and Haley set visions for the coming year and discussed how best to serve our clients in 2021. Since one of our values is to Slay the Expectations, we brainstormed how to be a cut above other advertising agencies. Sierra presented an initiative for ImageBloom that we’re excited to reveal in the coming months!

12:00 PM

The ImageBloom office isn’t all work and no play. Today, the marketing team headed to lunch – tacos and margaritas at a local restaurant near the office. Over lunch, the team discussed new marketing ideas, creative practices, and important personal updates. Work hard, play hard is an important part of the company culture. In addition to being co-workers, Sierra considers the individuals she works with to also be her friends.

2:00 PM

We love our clients! It’s our passion to serve them. If our clients aren’t achieving their goals, then we aren’t succeeding as an agency. To ensure that our clients are successful, and to Cultivate Raving Fans we have monthly phone calls. During these calls, the account manager shares data about a campaign’s success, including leads generated, budget, and cost per lead. Goals and strategies are also discussed to ensure we are meeting and exceeding expectations.

3:30 PM

After a day of several meetings, Sierra is able to focus on what she’s most passionate about – using her creativity to help ImageBloom’s clients. This afternoon, she’s working on study materials for a research site, brainstorming how to share information about a trial in a new way that will encourage participation. Sierra Works With Passion, collaborating with our design team and ensuring that the materials created will meet the needs of our client.

One of the things that Sierra loves most about her job is that no day is the same.

Thank you for following along on a Day in Her Role!

If your company would benefit from ImageBloom’s marketing and recruitment services, including the attentiveness of a Marketing Account Manager like Sierra, we would love to help you.

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