4 Jolly Tips for Effective Holiday Marketing

[by: Evelyn Ekundare]

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year….unless you’re caught in a marketing war.

Each year the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the greatest opportunity for businesses and brands to connect with their consumers. However, it is also extremely competitive, and I don’t mean fighting over who could make the best gingerbread house or whether Home Alone 2 was better than Home Alone 1. I am talking about businesses and brands duking it out for consumer attention during the busiest spending time of the year. It is for these reasons and more that effectively communicating with your consumers is so essential.

The best way to do so is though the use of social media. Right now, I’m sure if you scroll down your timeline your feed is filled with posts about gift ideas, bargain hunting, and customer service complaints. Now more than ever before, the rise of the digital age has given businesses the ability to directly connect with their customers, this creates a more personalized shopping experience.

Here are a few tips for how businesses can get clever with their social media marketing amid this year’s holiday craze.

1. Show You Care with Local Cheer

The New York holiday experience differs greatly from the holiday experience in Texas. This difference should be reflected in your messaging. By utilizing geo-targeting tools to find out where your customers are located, you can then create relatable content and messaging that resonates with a custom brand experience.

2. I’m Dreaming of User-Generated Content This Christmas

How do you connect with an audience that is already flooded with thousands of ads a day? Simple, by making them the hero. Businesses that can effectively utilize user generated content are the ones that drive deeper connections with their audience. Advertisements are everywhere, so it’s no wonder why most people are programed to them filter out. Showcasing authentic photos and videos of your audience helps drive your overall message, all while promoting a deeper, emotional interest from both new and loyal fans. Relate to them with authentic people, in authentic moments, using your product or service.

Your featured fans will be excited to get recognition and interaction, audiences have faith in seeing real people utilizing your product or service, and your brand have a deeper understanding of what motivates your audience.

3. Deck the Social Walls

Create a social center point with aggregated content collected from multiple social platforms on your website to capture your online audience. By creating this, your consumers can then repost and share with their social own social community, and thus extend your reach. This also works for brick and mortar retailers. Providing social displays with easy calls to action, are a simple yet effective way of generating engagement.

4. More Chimneys Means More Presents

Remember when your mom told you to never put all your egg in one basket? Well I bet you never thought it would apply to your marketing efforts as well. Don’t limit yourself to just one social media platform. Rather, create content for your audience on all the appropriate platforms, each with custom content exclusively focused on that channel. Your Facebook posts, Instagrams and Tweets should be the same idea, but the content should be tailored to suit the unique community of each channel.

Think of your various social media platforms as your own little army of elves (no pun intended) and put them to work for you this Holiday season. Use these 4 tips effectively and you will win the holiday marketing battle while still leaving customers feeling holly and jolly!

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