Clinical Trial Recruitment: When Old Meets New

By: Brandy Haslam, MBA – “The charm of history and its enigmatic lesson consist in the fact that, from age to age, nothing changes and yet everything is completely different.”

The first recorded clinical trial goes all the way back to the Book of Daniel in 605 BC.

The then King of Babylon ordered his people to only drink wine and eat meat, but a rebellious few wanted to eat vegetables. The King agreed, but only for ten days at the end of which he compared the results. What do you know, lo and behold, the vegetable eaters appeared healthier than the wine and meat eaters.

Fast forward to the 21st century and clinical trials are much more sophisticated, highly regulated and well controlled.

As clinical trials continue to advance, clinical trial advertising seems to be stuck in the dark ages. The days of newspaper, radio and TV ads are becoming a distant past as millennials and their counterparts become fully intertwined in the digital age.

Sponsors and CRO’s are slow to see the light, rarely providing digital advertising to sites even as studies prove time and time again that Americans are spending twice as much time online as we did ten years ago.

One report even suggested that millennials are spending up to 9 hours a day on social media, a statistic that is hard to overlook.

With all arrows pointing to digital, it’s important for sites to ensure advertising is directed towards these mediums. Creating social media and digital ads for use on Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter and other avenues is crucial to recruitment enrollment success.

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