Election 2020: What it has Taught us about Marketing

There is no debate that 2020 has been a trying time for every individual in the United States. From the coronavirus and wildfires to murder hornets and everything in between, the country has experienced it all. But most importantly, we cannot forget the cherry on top of 2020 – the 2020 election campaign. While there are many distractions happening in our world, businesses need to take a closer look at what the presidential campaign can teach us about sales and marketing.

A great politician knows they have to do more than just serve the public. They also have to sell; but what exactly are they selling? You guessed it, Themselves. In both political campaigns, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are actively using persuasion tactics to earn more votes. Businesses can use these same tactics to appeal to new customers or even gain a bigger following.

Read on to learn more about three types of persuasion tactics can that benefit your marketing strategy.

The first thing to take note of is the use of logic as a persuasion tactic. Trump and Biden both use data, reason, and facts to seek agreement on a perspective. Both candidates use this tactic to best make their case on everything from COVID-19 and climate change, to healthcare, taxes, and everything in between. It’s all about information and ideas. This tactic can also help you as a business gain trust and understanding with current and potential customers. Is your business doing the best it can to share factual data and information with the public?

The second persuasion tactic is ethics or credibility. Providing facts and data about your business or service can’t be effective if you don’t have the credibility to support those claims. Going back to the election, both presidential candidates have had to discuss the organizations and the people endorsing them, often referencing experience and accomplishments. The candidates have used experts like Fauci and previous Presidents like Barack Obama in an attempt to solidify their credibility and appeal to voters. For businesses, establishing credibility can take some time but things like testimonials and reviews from other clients can go a long way. Talking about any awards or accomplishments in your field can also help establish your organization’s credibility.

The third most powerful type of persuasion is the power of appealing to an individual through feelings – tapping into someone’s emotions. We’ve all seen the sad puppy commercials from the SPCA – Sarah McLachlan gets us every time. Organizations of all kinds have used an emotional appeal for decades, and quite successfully. It’s been said that if you’re able to get a person to feel something, you can get them to do something. For Trump and Biden, it’s not puppy dogs, but feelings of fear and occasionally, inspiration. Political campaigns intentionally play on our emotions to create a call to action, i.e. vote for me!

Using all three of these types of persuasion tactics can be a powerful tool to empower your business and maximize your appeal to customers. So, while the current presidential campaign may seem messy, the persuasion strategies are both effective and lasting. Something all businesses want for their company – a successful and lasting impression.

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