Research Sites & Site Networks

Advertising Packet

The ImageBloom design team will put together a complete set of advertising materials to include an advertising proposal, study flyer, Facebook advertising, Google Adwords and a classified ad. We can also include other materials such as newspaper, TV, billboard or radio ads upon request.

Sponsor and IRB Submission

Our research team can work directly with your sponsors and IRB to obtain the necessary approvals to get your ad campaigns running quickly.

Ad Placement and Management

Once we’ve obtained approval for study-specific advertising or have site approval for general branding ads, our team will place the ads on the appropriate platforms, track progress, make any changes as needed and report the results back to the study team.

Social Media Management

Having a social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram is a crucial part of staying connected with the community and spreading brand awareness. The ImageBloom team can create unique, relevant posts on your social media platforms to keep you connected and your potential patients engaged.

Graphic Design & Video Creation

The ImageBloom design team can create graphics and videos for special projects at your site as well. Whether you need a site brochure, materials for a special event or videos to promote your site or studies, we’ve got you covered.

Website Development

Whether you need a new website or your current one just needs freshened up, our experienced web developers can design a beautiful, elegant mobile-optimized website at half the cost of other companies. We also work with RealTime-CTMS to integrate your study listing page directly onto your website. This means potential patients that apply for a study through your website will be automatically pushed into your CTMS system. We also provide SEO services, analytics tracking, website hosting services and much more.

Call Center Recruitment

IB-Recruit is our newest feature at ImageBloom. Our experienced call center recruiters will ensure that all leads that come into your site are called and screened within 24 hours. We also handle follow-ups, email, text messaging outreach, warm transfers and can even schedule patients for you. Our Clinical Research Recruitment System also allows sites to track every patient in real time as they progress through the study.


Provide a customized marketing plan that is branded to your study, grabs attention and ensures results.
Place ads to maximize results through enhanced geo-targeting, subject demographic targeting, a multi- channel approach, consistent results monitoring, and advanced pre-qualifi cation (IBRECRUIT).
Deliver expert design, targeted placement, continual oversight, lead tracking and near real-time results reporting.

Provide a powerful and intuitive
central tracking portal where sites can easily manage lead follow-up from start to finish with complete sponsor/CRO oversight.

Ad creation and expert design

Great ads get great results! Grabbing attention and generating interest in a target audience requires great ads. ImageBloom can create beautifully designed, eye catching ads that meet sponsor and IRB guidelines.

Let us take the guesswork out of social media. Whether it be targeted ad campaigns or daily posting, ImageBloom knows how to put social media marketing to work for you. Professionally placed and managed ad campaigns will reach thousands and bring only the most interested, qualified patients. IB will also maintain your social media pages to include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others as requested, and post daily (guaranteed 25 posts per month).

Posts will consist of custom messages containing images, videos and links to promote your research site, bringing thousands of visitors to your website. 

Don’t get lost in search results

Google Adwords can be a challenging platform to navigate and manage. The team at ImageBloom is fully certified in Adwords, allowing us to create effective campaigns targeted to interested patients. Google AdWords campaigns ensure that potential patients are finding your study and your site. All ads are geo- targeted to reach only those in the areas we specify, searching for keywords relevant to your study and study indication. Utilizing AdWords ensures that your study and site is on the first page of search results and not lost in the mix.

Text Marketing

Stay connected & engaged with your patients

Recent surveys taken place at ImageBloom sites have shown that text messaging increases subject engagement by over half. All of our campaigns include text outreach to all new applicants confi rming their application and requesting the best time to be reached. Sites also have the ability to text patients in our easy-to-use study portal.

Website Blogging

Use the power of information to bring stimulating content into your website and share it through social media. Blogging helps with SEO and builds your websites traffic and local branding. ImageBloom writes (recommended minimum of 2 blogs per month) and post blogs containing interesting content to promote your site and studies and engage your local community.

Audience Building & Reputation Management

Build and keep your name great

ImageBloom grows your patient database while managing your online reputation. We will not only grow your followers and “likes” on social media, but also build your online reviews on platforms such as Healthgrades, Yelp and Google.

Our study services Include

A comprehensive proposal

Study material creation to include:

  • Flyers
  • Video pre-roll for use on social media
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Classified ads
  • TV ads
  • Newspaper
  • Radio ads
Sponsor & IRB submission (As needed)
Ad placement & management

Access to the ImageBloom Recruitment Portal or Lead Delivery, Contact Management by Sites, Automated and Direct texting to subjects, and Sponsor/CRO oversight.

Final result reporting