ImageBloom: The Next Exciting Chapter in Patient Recruitment

[by: Rick Greenfield, COO]

As we progress into the 4th quarter of 2018, it is amazing to see how much ImageBloom, Inc. has grown as a top-tier patient recruiting agency. Clinical research is an infinitely interesting industry and the team at ImageBloom enjoys working on new, challenging, study campaigns with Sponsors, CROs and Sites to achieve enrollment goals ahead of schedule with excellent ROI.

People often ask what makes ImageBloom different. Of course, there are several other agencies to choose from, so why is ImageBloom consistently better?

The answer is quite simply, our team and our attention to each and every study. We don’t just place ads. We put together successful campaign strategies that begin with cutting-edge design, precision placement, constant oversight, lead management, metrics reporting and more.

ImageBloom utilizes a careful evaluative process, an unmatched set of combined experience, campaign execution planning, relentless attention to achieving targets, unmatched technology, and a strong injection of pride to ensure that each and every study campaign receives the best possible result.

There is nothing more reassuring and rewarding than knowing that your company and processes work.  With the repeat, repeat business from our clients and the exponential growth of our company infrastructure, it is quite clear that our team is doing a lot of things right!

We look forward to putting our skills to work to further advance clinical research for everyone involved. Perhaps the last, most important thing that ImageBloom brings to the table is a true passion for clinical research. Our CEO and COO (me) have been in this industry for a very long time in many areas of focus. Our passion is shared by our team and we all believe that we are contributing, in no small part, to the advancement of medicine for the benefit of humanity. We believe in the value that participation in a clinical research study can have for the volunteers and the greater benefit to medical science.

The IB Team is excited to put our passion into the next project. I always tell potential clients that are considering using ImageBloom for their recruitment campaign, “There is one thing that you can be sure of with ImageBloom… We will give you our best, and we have a lot to give. You will receive the best possible ROI as we will leverage an unprecedented amount of expertise, technology and passion into your campaign.”

It is a blast to work in this industry and I can’t wait for the exciting times to come.

Also, check out to see how we are further working to connect patients to qualified studies around the globe!