Kiss Cold Leads Goodbye.

[by: Amanda Midence]

Study recruitment is a challenge, especially when you have a site to run! You chose to hire an ad agency to bring you the leads, but the results are not what you expected, and the investment was huge.

Some or even most of the recruitment ad agencies out there are limited on how they generate leads. They provide you with aging leads from a database and their direct advertisement is minimal. A recruitment agency may tell you that $1000 can get you 100 – 150 leads, which sounds amazing, but the truth is that often times you will only be able to reach just a handful of these leads and no-show rates are high.

Database leads or “cold leads” showed interest in a study months ago. They are not expecting a call from your site and therefore are less likely to be reached. If you are able to get through to them, you’ll probably hear skepticism on their end of the line and more often than not they will say they are no longer interested in participating in a study.

But there is good news! There are several ways you can maximize results for your site and calculate the Return on Investment (ROI). By diversifying the methods and channels you advertise on, you will be able to create an impression in your site’s community and recognition will follow.

Now, this can sound like a lot of work, and we are not going to lie… it is! However, at ImageBloom we have many years of experience marketing and advertising for clinical research sites. We will help you build your database with leads that are interested in participating in your study, right now! These leads have applied in real time through a variety of advertising channels and are eagerly waiting for your site to contact them.

We know each study is different, has different recruitment challenges and are targeted to different populations. Before we start advertising we will review the study, assess its challenges and determine the best strategy to ensure maximum results. We specialize in multiple forms of digital advertising, but we also know how, and when, to leverage traditional methods such as print, radio, and TV.

Let us help you overcome your recruitment challenges. Call us today at (866) 937-2566 to learn more about how we can market your study using multiple methods for maximum results!

No contracts, no obligations. Just results.