Marketing Strategies You Need to Draft This Fall

[by: Carissa McCall]

Perfecting your marketing strategy is a lot like drafting a perfect fantasy football team. You need a strong quarterback, quick wide receiver and good defense just as much as you need digital ads, social media, email marketing and blogs. Here are some strategies you need on your team to help you win the game.

Round 1: Digital Ads

First and foremost, what you’ll need to draft for a winning team is digital advertising. With the ability to choose your particular demographic, location and keywords, you are able to target the people most likely to click on your ad.

Facebook and Instagram ads are a very cost-effective way to get leads. You may be surprised by how many people you’ll reach with a $100 spend.

Round 2: Social Media

A solid second-round draft pick is social media. Your company’s social media presence can show your audience that you are real, authentic and engaging, which ultimately will help you to build rapport. Although the results are not always immediate, consistent posting will lead to a larger following and more leads.

Round 3: Blog (and Website)

A strong round three pick can be your company’s blog. Blogs are great for showing the world (and search engines) what topics you are an expert on. Your website will have increased Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from a blog, which tells search engines that you are a credible source, contributing meaningful content to the web. It is critical to have a strong website to drive all of your leads to from social media and digital advertising.

Round 4: Email Marketing

As you secure leads through your digital efforts, you will be able to build a robust database of customers who are interested in learning more. The best way to communicate to that database is through email marketing. You can send updates to your list to continue to cultivate their interest in your studies or services.

All of these strategies will help you form a solid game plan when it comes to securing leads and maximizing your marketing spend. At ImageBloom, we have dedicated account managers that will manage all of these marketing services so you can focus on calling the plays. Learn more about our marketing services: