Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Full Service Marketing for Clinical Research Sites

By: Amanda Loyd – For years, people have been categorized into one of two areas, right or left brained. Because of this, many companies choose to hire right brained creatives to manage marketing and advertising, and left brained folks to take care of the financial and follow up piece. What if we told you that ImageBloom can deliver all of the above?

At ImageBloom, we will analyze your current research studies, create a budget and go to work to get the majority of your expenses covered by the sponsor. We handle all facets of IRB submission and will go to work to fill your studies as quickly as possible.

Speaking of multi-purpose, did you know ImageBloom now offers recruiting services?  We listened to our client’s needs and are now happy to not only help bring leads in, but follow up on them before they get cold. The best news of all? We save you valuable money by eliminating the need to hire multiple people to take care of the various needs your research site needs.

Whether you’re right or left brained, choosing ImageBloom is a no-brainer! Contact us @(210) 386-4201 to learn more!