The Coronavirus Effect: Navigating telemedicine and virtual visits

[by: Brandy Haslam, MBA]

We are living in unprecedented times. I think we can all agree that we’ve never seen anything quite like the Coronavirus effect. With millions of Americans hunkering down, afraid or even told not to leave home, virtual trials and telemedicine services are crucial now more than ever.

Through virtual clinical trials and telemedicine services, doctors and researchers are able to continue providing care and essential study visits without interruption.

To help practices and research sites better understand how to market these services, our team has put together some important must-haves.

1. You need a landing page. A website landing page with information on how virtual visits and telemedicine services work is a must-have. This allows your patients to gather more information to easily understand what they need to have ready for the appointment including webcams, any programs they need to download, etc. This page can also serve as a way for patients to request a virtual appointment or even schedule an appointment if applicable. Note that it is crucial to have an easy-to-submit form clearly visible to your patients on your landing page.

2. Informational videos and creative content. An informational video and creative content on telemedicine and virtual visits are a must. A simple video of your doctor or PI explaining how the service works and what they can expect helps put your patients at ease. Catchy creative graphics and GIFs will also help catch the attention of your followers and audience in the newsfeed.

3. Social media campaigns. In order to get the message out to your target audience, it is necessary to create a marketing campaign and place it on the appropriate platforms. Social media campaigns are extremely effective when it comes to getting your message out. You’ll need to have a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page for your company as well as creative content and well-placed ads. Lead generation campaigns, traffic ads and like campaigns can be effective placements. We also recommend call-now campaigns that are run during business hours.

4. Email and text campaign. If your site or practice has a list of current and potential patients that includes a mobile phone number and email, you’ve got gold. Email and text are extremely effective. Research has shown that 98 percent of people open their text messages within 2-3 minutes of receipt. Most people check their emails throughout the day as well and with a catchy subject line, you can have a high open-rate.

5. Good old fashion phone calls. This one isn’t really a must-have so to speak, but one way to get the message out to your patients is to call anyone who has canceled their appointment, or anyone that has an upcoming appointment to inform them of the service. As many people are choosing not to leave home during this time, they may be more than willing to switch their in-person visit over to a virtual one.

Many sites and practices are struggling to find ways to keep revenues coming in and virtual visits may be the answer. If you need help initiating a campaign to help promote these services, contact us to find out more. Our team is available for you during this difficult time and want to help. Visit or call us at 866-937-2566.