What SharkTank taught me about the importance of digital marketing

By: Amanda Loyd – I learned about the Red Dress Boutique on Facebook. For the first time in my addiction to all things in affordable fashion, a boutique owner asked me what she should buy! About a year later, Red Dress Boutique had made its way onto Shark Tank, a show that my family watches religiously on Friday nights.

Before you roll your eyes and wonder why I’m talking fashion on a digital marketing blog, hear me out. Red Dress Boutique revolutionized an industry. Years ago, when a boutique would open up, I would visit it a few times and then make a stop only to find out it had gone out of business.

Red Dress Boutique did two things right. First and foremost, they listened to their customers. They completed market research by asking their current customer base what they wanted to see, and they did it on social media! Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are not just sites for people to scroll through as they eat lunch in the break room. Social media is a constant way to engage with people we love, brands we like and businesses we purchase from. It’s important for companies to keep that in mind and engage every day with their customers!

The second thing that Red Dress Boutique did right is they regularly market to their customers in different ways. They send a daily or weekly email with new arrivals, markdowns, etc.. As social media platforms change the way that posts are seen, email is still a very important platform that allows you to directly market to your customer base.

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