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Brandy Haslam ImageBloom Clinical Research Marketing

Brandy Haslam, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Brandy Haslam, CEO and founder of ImageBloom has a Master’s degree in marketing and has been in the healthcare industry for over 12 years. Prior to founding ImageBloom, Brandy headed the marketing and recruitment department at one of the largest research sites in the country. Passionate about research and her experience at the site level, Brandy brought her experience and dedication to the industry to sites and sponsors across the country. To date, ImageBloom has successfully provided study recruitment services for hundreds of sites and sponsors around the world.


Rick Greenfield ImageBloom Clinical Research Marketing

Rick Greenfield, BBA-IS

Jason Shannon, BS

Director of Digital Media

Haley Wilson, BA

Director of Marketing

Laurie Briones

Project Manager
Preston Magsig

Preston Magsig, BS

Graphic Design Lead II
Sierra Nalley, BS

Sierra Nalley, BS

Marketing Account Manager

Madi Roberts, BA

Marketing Account Manager

Sarah Wusterbarth, BS

Marketing Account Manager

Kirstin Comment, BA

Marketing Account Manager

Laurena Chan, BA

Social Media Manager
Frances Jones IB-Recruit Manager ImageBloom Clinical Research Marketing

Frances Jones

Call Center Manager
Andrew Rodriguez Junior Graphic Designer

Andrew Rodriguez

Junior Graphic Designer
Alexandra Weldy, BA Graphic Designer

Alexandra Weldy, BFA

Graphic Designer

Reed Dusseault, BA

Graphic Designer

Michael Gudowski

Web Developer
Ryan Speer Lead Web Developer

Ryan Speer, BFA

Lead Web Developer