Study Marketing

Study Marketing


Subject recruitment begins at the site and takes not only expert marketing skills, but in-depth experience in clinical research. Our experienced team understands the challenges faced by sites, sponsors, and CROs when it comes to successful enrollment in a multitude of therapeutic areas, geographical regions, and other challenging circumstances. 


As marketing experts, we know how to utilize the most up-to-date tactics to overcome those challenges, connect with potential research volunteers, and accelerate recruitment on a global level. ImageBloom has the track record to show a substantial increase in ROI when compared to other agencies specializing in patient recruitment.


With over 15 years of clinical research marketing experience, our team knows research, understands the challenges, and what it takes to run a successful campaign with proven results.

ImageBloom Creates

Digital, social media, and search ads to meet all platform specifications.

Flyers for both website listing and in-clinic use.

Email and text marketing templates.

Television advertisements to include Hulu and other online TV platforms.

Radio advertisement to include Spotify and Pandora.‚Äč

Newspaper advertisements including digital publications.

Press Releases for local media coverage.

Study brochures, info cards, posters, and other print materials.

Our team can assist with sponsor and IRB approvals of all recruitment materials

Did You Know?

Many sites report that marketing campaigns are often ineffective, leading to unsuccessful lead generation and the inability to enroll the required number of subjects.

Don't Be a Statistic!

ImageBloom is experienced with the most up-to-date marketing and advertising methods and we provide materials and strategies for sites to be effective with recruitment efforts.

Over 15% of sites never enroll a single patient into a given study

Over 37% of sites do not meet study enrollment goals

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