Bloom In Focus: Get to Know the Faces of ImageBloom – Kelsey Portugal


1. Can you introduce yourself and share a fun fact we might not know about you?

Hi, I’m Kelsey from Nashville, TN. A fun fact you might not know about me is that I’m in a bowling league. My friends and I look forward to every week; it’s so much fun!

Kelsey Portugal

2. Name the best concert you have ever attended.

This is hard! I have so many favorites. It’s a 3-way tie between the Jonas Brothers first concert back after they reunited in 2019, being in the pit for a Post Malone concert, and an outdoor Noah Kahan concert in the fall. All of those concerts were equally amazing.

3. If you had to create a marketing slogan for your own life, what would it be?

It’s not my own slogan, but a line I love to live by from the iconic Hilary Duff is, “Why not take a crazy chance.” Some of my best experiences have come from the spontaneous ‘crazy’ chances I took!

4. What is your biggest pet peeve?

If someone is distracted on their phone when we’re trying to have a conversation.

5. Rapid Fire GO:

  • Coffee or tea? Cold brew coffee 🙂
  • Instagram or TikTok? I waste too much time on TikTok, so Instagram!
  • Podcasts or books? Day-to-day: podcasts
  • Early bird or night owl? Night owl for sure!
  • Favorite marketing buzzword? Optimize

6. If you could collaborate with any celebrity on a campaign, who would it be?

If you know me, you know this answer is going to be Joe Jonas.

7. If you could swap places with anyone for a day, who would it be?

I’d swap places with a billionaire living a lavish life somewhere in Europe!

8. What’s your favorite ad campaign of all time?

I love anything that makes me laugh, so the light-hearted campaigns tend to be my favorites. One campaign that comes to mind is the Sports Center commercials where they have the athletes in an office setting. I think it’s a fun and creative way to promote the show.

9. What is your spirit animal?

Maybe a dog? I’m very loyal and always down for a walk.

10. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

    Switzerland has been on my bucket list for a long time! I love traveling places that are all about the views and it looks gorgeous!

    11. What is your favorite thing about ImageBloom?

    Hands down, my coworkers! Getting to work with people who you call friends in real life is simply the best. Shout out to my marketing girlies!

    Kelsey Portugal