Websites Are Not Trendy. They’re a Necessity.

[By: Laurie Briones] If your business is doing well and you don’t have a website, you may wonder why you need one. The reality is a business’s online presence can have a massive impact on its success. Websites are not just trendy. They’re a necessity. Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website Most potential customers

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Holiday Advertising – The Best of the Best

The holiday season is in full effect. With the COVID-19 pandemic still impacting bottom lines, business owners face tough decisions regarding the allocation of advertising budgets throughout the year. Never fear, the experts are here with some holiday advertising advice and a rundown of our 5 favorite holiday ads of 2021. Trim a Tree, Not

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Diversity in Trial Recruitment: Targeting Diverse Populations

[by: Carissa McCall, BS] In today’s world, we are surrounded by the need for diversity in all settings. One place where diversity should not be overlooked is in clinical trials. The reality is that medical conditions don’t discriminate. Medical diseases and conditions may affect all people differently, but they still can affect anyone. For this

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Say it with me…Branding is Important! Here’s why.

Catchy business cards, a good-looking logo. These things are important to have, but are they enough to brand your organization and build relationships with potential patients? Probably not. Many organizations are under the assumption that branding is only beneficial for large corporations, when in reality smaller organizations are those who need it most. So, what

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Study Recruitment Results that are BETTER than Chicken-on-a-Stick!

[by Tamara Oranday] If you’re a “San-Antonian”, you know just how good that fiesta Chicken-on-a-Stick is… So good, that we go to packed fiesta events in the month of May, stand in long lines shoulder to shoulder with our fiesta friends, just for that hot, crispy, flavor-filled chicken-(and maybe a little jalapeno)-on-a-Stick! In the spirit

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Staff Spotlight: Haley Wilson

We’ve done it again; yet another rock-your-socks-off marketing-genius on the ImageBloom team! Meet Haley Wilson, Director of Marketing and Sponsor Relations. Haley started with ImageBloom early in 2016 in our call center and has proven herself ever since. Scroll down to see what makes us love her and find out things we didn’t even know

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