Ho Ho Holiday No-Shows: Tips to decrease missed appointments

[by: Amanda Midence] Decorations are up, and the holiday spirit is in the air! You have the next month jammed packed with family gatherings, dinners, and shopping and so do your patients. No-shows are already a concern at most sites and during the holidays, it can sometimes become a common occurrence as patients are traveling,

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Ghost, Goblins and Clinical Trials

by: Brandy Haslam, MBA Halloween is a time for haunted houses, ghost and goblins, scary stories and terrifying clown movies. We love scaring ourselves. That exhilarating feeling we get from the best haunted houses and scariest movies is something we don’t often get the rest of the year. I personally love haunted houses and make

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Instant Message Marketing Is Here: Are You Ready?

[by: Amanda Midence, BBA] Messaging apps are becoming a phenomenon around the world. Everybody texts to some extent and messaging apps present the perfect medium to be expressive and connect with people from around the world. According to a recent report, WhatsApp has more than one billion active users per month and the app is

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You’ve got leads. Don’t waste them.

[By: Amanda Midence, BBA] Spending goes up and response time goes down They’ve shown interest in your clinical trial, they might even be the perfect candidate for your study, but taking too long to call may be a huge barrier to successful enrollment at your site. Imagine yourself going to a restaurant with an appetite,

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A BLOG? But why?

[by: Amanda Midence] You are a site, and you focus on research and bettering people’s lives. Why should you spend your time blogging? Isn’t that for millennials and avocado toast reviews?  Nope. Think of blogs as a way of updating your website on a regular basis. You can’t re-arrange or re-create your website every week

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A good first impression through social media

By: Amanda Midence Think about the last time you met someone new at a barbecue, networking event, or the office. Within the first 5 seconds, you created an idea of what the person is like and decided if they were trustworthy. The same idea stands for the online world. Potential patients go online, search, find

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