Study Recruitment Results that are BETTER than Chicken-on-a-Stick!

[by Tamara Oranday]

If you’re a “San-Antonian”, you know just how good that fiesta Chicken-on-a-Stick is… So good, that we go to packed fiesta events in the month of May, stand in long lines shoulder to shoulder with our fiesta friends, just for that hot, crispy, flavor-filled chicken-(and maybe a little jalapeno)-on-a-Stick!

In the spirit of this coming Fiesta 2019, imagine something that could be even BETTER than that savory Chicken-on-a-Stick. How about subject recruitment campaigns that work! How about strategically placed ads that turn the heads of your target audience so you can fill your studies. Unlike our Fiesta favorite food, fully enrolled studies won’t satisfy your cravings for delicious treats and fun times at Fiesta, but the extra weight in your wallet from successfully enrolling your studies will bring another kind of Fiesta happiness to your bank accounts!

Welcome to your future with IMAGEBLOOM patient recruitment.

ImageBloom isn’t your ordinary marketing company, we like to do things differently and use cutting-edge platforms to do it. Our team has years of experience marketing for medical practices, surgery centers, hospitals, clinical research sites and other small to medium-sized businesses across the country. We understand what it takes to be successful and are committed to providing each client with unique, creative advertising that drives business right to your door.

Let’s Taco-Bout Strategy

Building a brand is not an easy task. Successfully marketing your research site, enrolling to your many studies/services and producing desired results is a task that requires extensive skills and experience. ImageBloom will become your strategic partner and help your site achieve marketing success in the areas of study recruitment, subject database building, powerful website design, local community awareness and B2B marketing to Sponsors and CROs.  Each client, each study, each brand is tackled with a unique approach that provides the image, the leads and the enrollments that will get your site “BLOOMing.”

Our in-house designers produce cutting-edge graphics and animations that promote, produce, and propel your studies, services and your brand.






Our account managers maximize your advertising budget to bring the best results possible by leveraging multiple platforms, maximizing lead generation and focusing on lead quality.


ImageBloom’s experienced, site-centric call center, IB-Recruit is on standby to assist with lead management.  Diligent lead follow-up and in-depth inclusion/exclusion screening maximize advertising results and help build your database with patients for future studies fast!

IB-Recruit Call Center

Let ImageBloom be your Chicken-on-a-Stick this Fiesta!

Learn more about our services today by visiting us at or call us at (866) YES-BLOOM (‘M’ is optional) 🙂