Holiday Marketing: Go, Go, Go.

[by: Amanda Midence]

The holidays are amazing! Filled with great food, family reunions and all the shopping you’ve been putting off. Your inbox is jam-packed with emails, coupons, promotions and holiday greeting cards. It’s safe to say that your patients’ inbox looks the same. Your site’s budget is competing with million-dollar campaigns, and you might be wondering if it’s even worth your time to spend money on recruitment efforts.

YES! There are ways to break through the advertising clutter and get your message across if you create meaningful and value-based content.

Don’t add to the NOISE

Regardless of your advertising budget this holiday season, be mindful of the message you are sharing with your followers and potential target patient. Marketing can be effective if it’s done right. Create campaigns that appeal to the familiarity and sentiment of the holiday season and never lose focus of what’s important to the people you are advertising to.

The most memorable ads capitalize on the sentimentality of a given situation. In fact, ads that feature a sentimental message have shown to score 50% higher on the emotional appeal.

Those ads are often remembered and translate into brand recognition and new clients!

To make your marketing efforts worthwhile, stir away from intrusive and “in your face” marketing efforts. Instead, channel your message in a way that is memorable and valuable to your market. Perhaps your site could include tips on how to stay healthy during the holidays or recipes to include in your holiday dinner.

The holidays are filled with advertising noise, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your message out there. If your advertising efforts are meaningful and genuine, then your dollars will be well-spent. If you are not sure how to approach marketing this holiday season, give us a call at (866) YES-BLOOM. We are happy to help!
From our team to yours, have a safe and happy holiday season!