Blogging to grow your business

By: Brandy Haslam, MBA – We have all read a blog before and some of you may even have a blog of your own that you use to share your expertise in a certain area. But how can a blog help grow your business?

First, let us define what blogging is. Unlike other pages on your website which stay static and for the most part, do not change often, a blog is updated frequently with information about your business focus. ImageBloom for example, blogs about social media marketing since that is our area of expertise.

As we already mentioned, everyone has a read a blog. We stumble across them quite often when researching a product we want to buy or even when just looking up information that sparked our interest.

Consumers are not the only ones that read blogs though. Google itself “reads” blogs to get more information about your website and the products or services your business offers. Google then uses this information to know whether or not to return it back to those searching for a specific topic.

Every time you add a new blog to your website, this update allows Google to obtain additional information on your business. Essentially if you have 50 blogs on your website, you are creating 50 new opportunities for someone to find your business or product.

New URL’s are also created each time you post a new blog, allowing you to have a large number of targeted links to bring in new customers.

The best thing of all. Blogging is free. If you aren’t blogging or need some help creating content, contact ImageBloom today!

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