ImageBloom Announces Exciting New Partnership with Clinitiative Health Research

Indianapolis, IN – September 12th, 2023 – ImageBloom, a leading provider of healthcare and clinical research marketing solutions, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Clinitiative Health Research, a renowned leader in clinical research innovation. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in both organizations’ missions to advance patient-centric healthcare and empower researchers with innovative tools and resources.

ImageBloom is widely recognized for its cutting-edge marketing solutions tailored specifically for the research and healthcare industries. Their expertise in patient recruitment, brand development, and digital marketing has helped practices and sites of all sizes enhance their online presence and connect with patients effectively. Clinitiative Health Research is a trailblazer in clinical research, contributing to groundbreaking medical advancements by fueling the business development of clinical research sites and providing them with access to its vast network of sponsors, CROs, and principal investigators.

The partnership between ImageBloom and Clinitiative Health Research aims to leverage each organization’s strengths to create a seamless and comprehensive experience that benefits researchers and trial participants alike. Some key objectives of this partnership include:

1. Enhanced Trial Success: By combining ImageBloom’s expertise in patient recruitment strategies with Clinitiative Health Research’s ability to position sites as a top choice for sponsors, sites can meet and exceed their recruitment goals on time and on budget.

2. Brand Development: ImageBloom will collaborate with Clinitiative Health Research to enhance the branding and visibility of research sites, reinforcing the credibility and impact of their work.

3. Digital Innovation: The partnership will explore opportunities to develop innovative digital solutions that streamline the research process, benefiting both researchers and participants.

ImageBloom and Clinitiative Health Research are committed to delivering results that drive positive change in the industry. Through this partnership, they aim to improve patient outcomes, promote evidence-based medicine, and ultimately contribute to a healthier society.

“Our collaboration with Clinitiative Health Research is a testament to our commitment to advancing research through strategic partnerships and innovation,” said Brandy Haslam, CEO and Founder of ImageBloom. “We are excited about the opportunities this partnership presents to make a meaningful impact on patient care and clinical research.”

Jason Palasota, CEO of Clinitiative Health Research, added, “Once the opportunity presented itself to partner with such an impactful and quality organization like ImageBloom that, like us, provides services that make sites’ jobs infinitely easier and more efficient, it was a no brainer, and we could not be more excited about what the future holds for both of our organizations.”

This partnership signifies a promising future for healthcare marketing and clinical research, and both ImageBloom and Clinitiative Health Research are eager to embark on this collaborative journey. For more information about ImageBloom and Clinitiative Health Research, please visit or

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Brandy Haslam


About ImageBloom:

ImageBloom is a leading healthcare marketing solutions provider specializing in patient recruitment, brand development, and digital marketing. With a focus on the unique needs of healthcare and clinical research organizations, ImageBloom helps clients connect with patients and build their online presence effectively.

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Jason Palasota


About Clinitiative Health Research:

Clinitiative Health Research™ is the only global, US-based site network with initiative. With a deep understanding of the industry and a robust network of Sponsors, CROs, and Principal Investigators, Clinitiative is uniquely suited to facilitate stronger, more compatible relationships for the direct benefit of more efficient clinical trials.