The Magic Behind ImageBloom: CEO Brandy Haslam

Imagine working with a digital marketing agency that boasts a unique and specialized service — one that not just anyone can offer. That’s exactly what inspired Brandy Haslam to start ImageBloom, a digital marketing agency specializing in healthcare and clinical research. Brandy’s passion, talent, and determination are what’s driven the success of ImageBloom. But how’d we get here? Read on as we take a look back on the history of ImageBloom and how Brandy got to where she’s at.

It all started at Indiana University South Bend, where Brandy received her bachelor’s degree in marketing. Shortly after, Brandy pursued her MBA at Indiana University Bloomington, graduating in 2008. Brandy’s interest in helping others kickstarted her marketing career in the healthcare industry. Eventually, she made her way into clinical research as the Marketing Manager at Clinical Trials of Texas, helping manage clinical trial recruitment strategies and efforts.

Brandy explains how the experience impacted the future of her career. “I was able to continue my passion for helping others. My favorite part was meeting patients whose lives were impacted through research participation.”

Starting in 2015, while employed at Clinical Trials of Texas, Brandy began attending conferences and networking with physicians and site owners. Brandy began doing consulting work from the network she built, and it eventually blossomed into a full-time career.

Armed with dedication, creativity, and a fast-growing client base, she pitched her idea of starting a clinical research-focused marketing agency to her business partner. A short time later ImageBloom was born. ImageBloom started as a two-person operation out of Brandy’s living room and now is a full-service agency with 35+ employees and rapidly growing.

While growth can mean change, Brandy explains how what lies at the heart of ImageBloom has remained the same, “Our processes and company structure have grown and improved throughout the years. However, our goal has not – to improve the lives of others and make a difference in medicine, even if it’s just in a small way.”

Outside of ImageBloom, Brandy believes it’s essential to network with like-minded women leaders and is now a member of Linking Indy Women. She looks forward to these meetings because it allows her to learn and grow with other women of a similar mindset, leaving her with so much inspiration and motivation.

Throughout Brandy’s journey with ImageBloom and becoming a CEO, many lessons have shaped her into the leader she is today. Whether it be finding a mentor, learning to embrace all the failures and learning curves, or offering support and communication with mindfulness – those are a few of her takeaways over the years. Although, there’s one that sticks out most that she wants other leaders to hear.

“My favorite piece of advice that someone told me years ago is to enjoy the process,” says Brandy. “Times will be tough, mistakes will be made, tears will be shed, and long nights will be had. But it’s important to enjoy the process and not rush to the finish line. Slow down, be mindful of the present moment because that’s where the magic happens.”

In addition to running ImageBloom, Brandy is a single mom of two teenagers, Sumayah and Manny. She is an avid CrossFit athlete that promotes the importance of health and wellness in everyday life and encourages others to do the same.

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