Holiday Advertising – The Best of the Best

The holiday season is in full effect. With the COVID-19 pandemic still impacting bottom lines, business owners face tough decisions regarding the allocation of advertising budgets throughout the year. Never fear, the experts are here with some holiday advertising advice and a rundown of our 5 favorite holiday ads of 2021.

Trim a Tree, Not Your Advertising Budget.

The holiday shopping season includes October, November, and December. These are the biggest shopping months of the year due to increases in various factors like seasonal gift-giving and time away from school or work. A recent blog article written by entrepreneur and top 10 web influencer Neil Patel revealed the data supporting these trends:

  • Traditional marketing methods and ad impressions typically increase 50% during the holiday season.
  • Click-through rates rise 100%
  • Direct traffic increases 150%
  • The average order value grows by 30%
  • Conversion rates go up 60%.


This information is an excellent reminder that businesses should continue advertising during the holiday season; increasing budgeted funds is well worth it. Aside from the financial advantages, many other benefits further rationalize this budget strategy. Forbes has a great article outlining 5 of these benefits. You can read it here.

Our Favorite Holiday Ads for 2021

In the annual epic battle for shopper’s attention and dollars, a handful of holiday ads leave lasting impressions for years to come. The lineup this year did not disappoint. Many companies continued creating a sense of community, togetherness, and hope. Increased diversity across all spectrums, including age, gender, ethnic backgrounds, and sexual orientation, added to the warm fuzzies.

Here are 5 of the holiday ads on our favorites list for 2021:

  • Peloton– Ebenezer Scrooge is compelled to repair his dark past after getting swole on a Peloton bike.
  • Lego– Their “Rebuild the World” campaign continues with various children’s Lego creations coming to life as “Build Me Up Buttercup” plays in the background.
  • Coca-Cola– A young boy and other members of an apartment community build a cardboard chimney. They use it to invite an older woman to join their holiday dinner.
  • Amazon– The pandemic’s lingering effects on mental health take the spotlight as we follow a college student’s daily challenges. Their message that kindness is the greatest gift is shown when she receives a package with a bird feeder inside from her older female neighbor.
  • Chik-Fil-A– A broken family egg ornament is turned into an amazing new tree decoration when a young girl named Sam and her friend learn that mistakes and mess-ups can lead to amazing things.

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