Email is not dead

By: Brandy Haslam, MBA – Email. We all have it and most of us use it on a daily basis.

In fact, a recent survey found that 95 percent of us are using email and 91 percent check their inbox on a daily basis.

If you’re business isn’t taking advantage of email marketing, you are potentially losing out on reaching a crucial communication touchpoint.

Here are just a few benefits email marketing can bring to your business.

Cost effectiveness. Email marketing is cheap and depending on the size of your email list, maybe even free. With such a low cost and extremely high ROI, you can’t go wrong.

Reach. With email, your reach is anyone with an email address around the world. You can easily collect email addresses by doing things like linking your email account with social media accounts, collecting them via your website or asking for them over the phone or in the office.

Ease of measurement. Measuring the results of your campaigns is easy with most email platforms. Via the dashboard, you are able to view open rates, links clicked, bounce rates and tons of other valuable information. Based on this information, you can make changes to future campaigns to gain better effectiveness.

Direct, Personalized Engagement. Emails can be personalized with your customer’s information, increasing interest and engagement. This is not possible through other marketing channels like TV, print, radio and other traditional methods.

Although many marketers have shifted focus to the growing social media platforms, email marketing is still an extremely effective way to market to your current and potential customer base.

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