A BLOG? But why?

[by: Amanda Midence]

You are a site, and you focus on research and bettering people’s lives. Why should you spend your time blogging? Isn’t that for millennials and avocado toast reviews? 


Think of blogs as a way of updating your website on a regular basis. You can’t re-arrange or
re-create your website every week or every month. It would be too expensive and
time-consuming! But having and updating a blog can give your site that regular SEO boost that it needs and new content to share on all your social platforms.

Writing a blog answering general questions your patients have like what are clinical trials or why should I participate in a clinical trial will help you build a relationship with them in an informal way.

Blogs give your site a voice and serve as a communication tool between you and your patients. It lets them know who you are, what your values are and provides a safe space to ask questions. It also serves to promote your site in ways your website alone can’t and expose you to other potential leads that you might not have gotten any other way. Providing potential leads with the information they need will establish you as an authority in their eyes, someone they can trust. Building trust will bring you long-term results.

It is great to think that your blog can be shared tens or hundreds of times and reach new leads. But before you start blogging, take the time to research questions your target audience has so you can create content that will bring value to their lives.

Blogs take time. You have to research, create, publish, and share them through social media. Luckily, ImageBloom has a team of expert bloggers that would be HAPPY to help you implement blogs into your social media strategy! Call us at (866) YES-BLOOM for more information.