ImageBloom, Inc. Announces Partnership with the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) to Support Growing Network of Physicians

Indianapolis, IN – ImageBloom, a leader in healthcare marketing solutions, announces a strategic partnership with the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), a premier organization dedicated to advancing the field of dermatologic surgery. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the healthcare industry, as both entities join forces to innovate and elevate marketing standards within the dermatology field.

Under this partnership, ImageBloom, known for its expertise in digital marketing strategies and patient engagement solutions, aims to collaborate with the growing network of ASDS physicians to develop tailored marketing initiatives aimed at enhancing patient education, promoting awareness, and fostering community engagement.

“As leaders in our respective fields, ImageBloom and ASDS share a common commitment to excellence and innovation,” said ImageBloom CEO, Brandy Korman. “By combining our strengths, we aim to provide both new dermatologists the tools to get their practice off the ground in the local community, as well as help established practices continue to connect with patients and deliver exceptional care.”  

The partnership will leverage ImageBloom’s cutting-edge marketing technologies, including advanced data analytics, personalized patient outreach, and comprehensive digital advertising capabilities, to support ASDS members in optimizing their marketing efforts and achieving sustainable growth.

Through collaborative initiatives, educational resources, and customized marketing campaigns, ImageBloom and ASDS aim to set a new standard for healthcare marketing excellence, driving positive outcomes and advancing the field of dermatologic surgery.

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About ImageBloom:

ImageBloom is a leading healthcare marketing agency dedicated to helping medical practices thrive in today’s competitive landscape. With a focus on innovative digital marketing strategies and patient engagement solutions, ImageBloom empowers healthcare providers to attract, engage, and retain patients effectively.

About American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS):

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery is the largest specialty organization exclusively representing dermatologic surgeons who have unique training and experience to treat the health, function, and beauty of the skin throughout every stage of life. ASDS members are recognized as leaders in the field of cosmetic and medically necessary skin surgery.


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Founder & CEO


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