Navigating the Guidelines of Clinical Trial Marketing

In the age of digitalization, leveraging the power of digital marketing has become essential for successful clinical trial recruitment. By utilizing targeted advertising strategies, research sites can reach a wider audience and enhance their patient recruitment efforts. However, adhering to guidelines and collaborating with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) is important to ensure ethical and compliant practices. This blog explores the guidelines of digital marketing for clinical trial recruitment and how ImageBloom can help create effective and IRB-approved ad materials.

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The IRB’s Role When it Comes to Ad Materials

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a regulatory board that oversees the protection of participants in research studies. The IRB ensures that participants’ rights, safety, and well-being are upheld throughout the trial process. The IRB evaluates advertising materials to ensure they are non-coercive, and provide accurate information regarding risks, benefits, and eligibility criteria. Some of the criteria they review:

  • Accuracy and Clarity: Ads must provide accurate and concise information about the trial, including the purpose, eligibility criteria, potential risks and benefits, compensation details, and contact information.  Materials must avoid using misleading or exaggerated language that may influence participants’ decision-making.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Clearly state the eligibility criteria, such as age, gender, medical condition, and previous treatment history, to help potential participants determine if they meet the requirements. Be transparent about any exclusion criteria to manage expectations effectively.
  • Benefits and Risks: Provide an objective overview of the potential benefits and risks associated with participation. Avoid promising unrealistic benefits or downplaying potential risks. Use clear and balanced language to ensure participants have a comprehensive understanding.
  • Contact Information: Include clear contact details for potential participants to reach out for further information or to express interest in participating. Promptly respond to inquiries to maintain transparency and participant engagement.

Digital Marketing Restrictions in Clinical Research

While digital marketing offers numerous advantages, there are specific restrictions and guidelines to be mindful of that impact the clinical research industry. Popular digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram have their own advertising policies, and compliance can result in rejected ads or accounts being suspended. It is crucial to thoroughly review the guidelines of each platform and work within their parameters to ensure campaign success. ImageBloom is well-versed in the guidelines and ad policies to ensure materials will get approved and correctly placed.

Additionally, ImageBloom can create generic condition-specific ads that aim to boost recruitment for a wide range of trials. These ads generally don’t need IRB approval as they focus on raising awareness about specific health conditions and the potential to contribute to research. Generic ads help capture the attention of individuals interested in participating in clinical trials related to their condition.

Leave the Marketing to ImageBloom

ImageBloom is a leading marketing agency specializing in clinical trial recruitment. We understand the importance of creating ad materials that comply with IRB regulations while maximizing recruitment efforts. With expertise in developing engaging and visually appealing materials, we can effectively communicate study information to potential participants.

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Digital marketing is a powerful tool for clinical trial recruitment by helping reach a broader audience to increase participant enrollment and drive medical advancements. If you’re interested in learning more about the digital marketing services ImageBloom offers, click HERE or call us at 866-937-2566.