3 Things to Consider When Advertising During the Holidays

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive this time of year is “should we be advertising during the holidays?” Because of the vast amount of advertising and noise that occurs during this season, it’s easy to think that your marketing efforts may go unnoticed. However, with more people on their devices during the holidays, marketing during this time can be very effective if done properly. Here are 3 things to consider when advertising during the holidays.

Holiday sale sign

1. Staffing Levels

If you do choose to advertise during the holidays, you want to make sure you have the staff to handle the incoming leads. It’s very important and best practice that your leads be contacted right away to keep them from going cold. So, if you don’t believe you’ll have the support you need to make that happen, our suggestion would be to pause your marketing efforts during the holidays and turn them back on once you have the resources in place to connect with your leads in a timely manner. 

2. Boosting Creativity

Because companies are advertising a lot more during the holidays and more people are online shopping as opposed to the rest of the year, it’s important to ensure your advertising campaigns are creative and eye-catching. Stand out from the crowd and catch your target audiences’ attention by upping the creativity in your campaigns and taking risks with imagery, wording and even call-to-actions. Creating a variety of ads and testing which ones perform the best is a good practice. 

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3. Budget

Due to the overall increase in advertising done during the holidays, it’s to be expected that the cost per lead/click tends to go up. With that said, it may be a good strategy to consider an  increase in advertising budget until the end of the season. If you’re unable to increase your budget during this time, be sure that your campaigns are optimized and targeting your audience as specifically as possible to reduce the number of bad clicks and leads. 

If you have more questions about advertising during the holidays and rolling into the new year, ImageBloom is here to help! Our goal is to see where you are currently at in your advertising efforts, learn where you’d like to go and make a game plan from there that will best support your goals. You can book a discovery call with us today by calling (866) YES-BLOOM or by visiting our website and filling out a contact form.