4 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS Social Media

By: Amanda Midence — To social media or not to social media, that is the question. Most of you have probably considered at one time or another to adopt social networks either in your personal life or business.

For instance, while you are reading this blog, you might receive a Facebook notification and will feel the need to reach for your phone. More often than not, a notification sucks us into a “social media vortex”. One post leads to another and now 20 minutes have passed!

All because of that one notification. It happens to all of us.

Therefore, we can infer our customers are also compelled to look at their phones more often than not.

Now, you are probably wondering if adopting social media is a feasible option for your business?

The answer is YES and I’ll give you four reasons why:

1. Customers are online 24/7

Pew Research reported that 73% of Americans go online on a daily basis and one in five Americans described their online usage to be ‘almost constant.’

Our day is devoted to answering Facebook posts, checking emails, liking Instagram photos, reading news, or watching videos.

The online world is expanding every day, with new apps being created on a regular basis and notifications filling our screens. If we advertise in old media platforms but everyone is staring at their phone, we won’t be able to reach them.

2. Connectivity at your fingertips

‘Like’ buttons and read receipts are making us crave instant communication.

Social media gives you the ability to connect on a daily basis with your core customers by allowing you to answer their inquiries in real time, acknowledge their concerns, and share all the benefits that doing business with you will bring them.

Creating an online presence gives your business a unique personality that customers can relate to, creating a connection that eventually will grow your brand recognition and loyalty.

3. SO MANY users (Expands your customer base)!

Social networks give us a sense of community and belonging. It’s no wonder they have grown exponentially in the last 10 – 12 years.

Below you can see the most recent data for monthly active users in some of the biggest social networks used by Americans today.
Facebook: 1.86 billion
Instagram: 700 million
Twitter: 313 million
LinkedIn: 106 million

Creating a social presence for your business will allow you to get a better scope and understanding of your core customer and become part of their inner circle. That being said, not all social networks might be the right fit for your business

It is important to get a good understanding of the online behavior your customers have. With this information present then you can make decisions on which social network to invest your resources in.

4. Predict customer’s needs

Once your online presence is established, the social network (s) of your choosing will most likely provide you with weekly and monthly reports with analytics on your campaigns and posts.

With this information, you can determine which material is more appealing to your followers and which ones are bringing more traffic through your door.

Social media can be a great tool to keep a constant flow of communication with your customers and gives you an identity they can relate to. Adopting a social media strategy for your business is a feasible way to connect and attract new customers to your business.

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