Embracing the Micro-Moment

By: Haley Wilson – As the mobile crusade continues to take the world by storm, the way consumers receive and utilize media is ever evolving. It is up to marketers to continually push themselves to do better, think outside the box, and address this ever-changing need. Enter: Micro-moments. The idea centers around the philosophy that you have but a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience.

Studies have shown that users interact with their phones more than 150 times per day. We pick up our phones to check the time, send a text, check our social media, or look up a random fact. Many times, this is done while we’re on the go or trying to multi-task. Key factors to consider for capturing your audience during these fleeting moments are speed and ease of use. If a website is taking too long to load, you will likely lose that potential traffic. Too many steps to get to the desired information, or if it is not easily found on the site will also typically result in lost interest. Making sure your website is optimized for mobile users is also key for capturing your audience.

Marketers must make it their duty to know who to target, when to target them, and with what information. Exploring search queries that consumers are progressively using can be a big boost to your game. Using that information to present answers to problems and offer helpful solutions leaves you one step ahead of the competitor.

Micro-moments are proof that the marketing game is changing. Consumers are making real-time decisions on a journey of what is essentially a series of micro-moments. Successful marketing relies on identifying these potential new moments and standing out from the competition.

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