SMS Marketing: Can it help your business?

“Did you get my text?”

Chances are, they did. According to the IDC, (International Data Corporation), 98% of texts are opened and nearly 90% are read within the first three minutes of being sent. Researchers at the IDC also state that eight out of ten 18 to 44-year-olds have their smartphones on them as many as 22 hours per day.

To the average person that statistic may sound scary, but for those hoping to recruit more patients to their research site, it sounds like opportunity. Constant availability translates into significantly higher response rates from potential patients, resulting in much hotter leads.

So, while traditional print response rates are floundering, SMS marketing is soaring.  Not only does SMS texting provide research sites with an immediate way to engage a targeted group, it’s also a significantly more cost-effective strategy than print. SMS marketing messages generate up to four times the open rate of typical email marketing with ten times the response rate, which leads to a far greater ROI from your marketing campaigns.

Mobile marketing has become one of the most efficient forms of advertising out there. Advertising campaigns that were once centered around daily email blasts have evolved into the more convenient and wide-ranging technique of SMS texting.

Engaging consumers via text has proven to be a difference maker in generating new leads and engaging current leads. If you are currently using a CTMS with texting capabilities, ImageBloom is proud to offer texting campaigns as an additional way to engage your potential candidate base.

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