3 Ways to Build a Strong Recruitment Database

Building a strong patient recruitment database is like having a strong foundation for a house – it lays the groundwork for everything to come. Your database is a critical component of reaching your enrollment goals, but many sites aren’t building or utilizing their database to its full potential. So what can you do to improve your study participant database? Here are 3 ways to build a strong database that can be easily implemented into your recruitment strategy today. 

Branding Strategy

A marketing strategy that includes branding your organization within the local community is a great way to create interest in current and upcoming trials. Some tactics can include paid social media and search ads that showcase your organization as well as educational tools to help better understand research. A likes campaign on Facebook can also help by increasing followers and engagement with organic posts. Some other things to consider are email blasts, text outreach, collecting participant testimonials, and creating engaging videos and content from your site staff and PI. 

All these activities can create buzz about your site and studies and ultimately, help increase patients in your database. 

Read more about our branding services here.

Your Website

It is incredibly important that your brand messaging is clear, communicative, and easy to find. The goal should be for interested participants to easily locate your website and immediately know through your messaging who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.

For participants looking to apply for a study, your website could be what makes or breaks their decision. If the application process seems confusing, they might navigate away or change their minds altogether. However, if it’s clear and direct, you will have new leads to contact in no time. If you’re curious as to whether your website is acting as a deterrent or not, take advantage of our free website assessment.  

Utilizing a Call Center

You’re getting patients in the door through a strategic marketing plan; now what? One major thing that sites often struggle with is lead follow-up. Our research and that of many other call centers show that not reaching out to study leads within minutes of receiving an application, dramatically decreases your chances of ever connecting with that lead.  Utilizing a dedicated call center that specializes in research can help increase contact and scheduling rates. 

Getting in touch with your leads quickly also means that a complete medical history is collected. The more information you have on every lead in your database, the easier it is to pull that information for current and future studies. This also makes feasibilities easier and more accurate. If you’re in need of call center assistance, get in touch to learn more about our HIPAA, GCP, and GDPR-certified call center team

Ultimately, building a strong database requires a strong foundation and support system. Ready to start breaking new ground? ImageBloom is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a discovery call where we’ll discuss your current database, your goals, and where we can help your site flourish!